How I ended up as a Kinesiologist

Well, it’s a familiar story.  Like many others in natural therapies, family health needs lead to the search for solutions because the standard medical approach was not working.

In my case it was my young son who was ill.   He had a constant runny nose from the time he was born, with painful earaches that had him crying lots, and was often on antibiotics.  It was distressing to feel so helpless and useless when he was in pain.

The doctors said to have his tonsils out when he turned age 4 and it would fix the problem, and we did as the doctor said.  Within weeks my son had bronchial asthma instead of just a runny nose and blocked ears.  His suffering had intensified instead of being reduced.

I was grateful to eventually discover a chiropractor whose treatments really helped, as did his knowledge of food sensitivities, something doctors did not believe had any influence on my son’s condition.

Dairy proved to be the worst culprit in his case, and of course, was his favourite food in all its forms, from milk to cheese, to ice cream. He produced copious amounts of mucus when having even a small amount of dairy food.  This would block up his sinuses, give him a sore throat, and cause ear ache in the past.  So now we changed his diet and eliminated all dairy.

Over the next six months my son improved steadily under the guidance of the chiropractor and dietary changes.  It was wonderful to see him running round with other kids without getting wheezy and having the energy to last the day.

Seeing the improvement, I began studying all I could find on food sensitivities, herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals, learned different forms of massage and was introduced to and attended Touch For Health Kinesiology workshops.

This gave me the knowledge and tools to muscle test foods that created mucus in my son’s body so he could avoid them and replace them with foods that tested “biogenic” and supported regeneration of his body structures.  Balancing for emotional upsets and energy lift was important too.  His asthma disappeared.

We then discovered, when his back pain did not subside after the asthma was gone, that he had only one functioning kidney.  Medical investigations found this to be a genetic weakness.   This was serious.  Kidney overload would lead to back pain and dumping excess waste products via his skin and lungs and the consequent lung problems he had struggled with for years. It was the hidden cause, now uncovered as asthma no longer masked the poor kidney function.

Doctors said to remove the malfunctioning kidney.  That was a really scary proposition.  How can carving up my son be the answer?  Surely there had to be another way.  We took a holiday, all calmed down, weighed up our options and decided not to proceed with the operation.

Now that I knew what was going on I could work directly on building up my sons ability to improve kidney function.  Over the next 18 months I tested foods, herbs, supplements, balanced him regularly and he became stronger, his colour improved, his energy increased and he became a healthy child, with the genetically weak kidney no longer causing a problem.

So its not surprising I stayed with Touch For Health.  That was years ago and now my son has children of his own.

Being a mum I went way out of my comfort zone to find ways to help my child. His need ended up being my motivator to learn, study, apply and teach how to enhance the body’s ability to get better.  And I’m still doing that to this day.

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