What level of health care is important to you?

Different problems, situations or issues may require short, medium or long term support.

Levels of health care:

– Crisis Care
– Repair and Rebuild
– Maintenance and Prevention
–  Upgrading to Optimum Health
– Goal Balancing for Life Fulfillment

Crisis Management – first things first.  To bring pain and discomfort levels down is important so you can relax and sleep to allow your body to repair.  The focus is to increase and clarify communication between body and brain for quicker recovery.

Repair and Rebuild – Regular balancing to boost energy for continuing improvement, support with good nutrition and good digestion to make cell repair material available, add food supplements or herbs as needed.

Maintenance and Prevention – Once you have recovered it is important to re-build reserves depleted by illness or injury or demanding life style.  This ensures your body is resilient and can readily fight off bacteria and virus invasions, easily maintain muscle balance, mobility and flexibility, and have abundant energy, so you can enjoy life in a fit body.

Upgrading to Optimum Health – Go beyond just good health to optimum health.  Kinesiology will help you generate extra capacity – more energy, more drive, more interest, more curiosity, more motivation – to engage in life and activities that keep your body and mind producing new brain networks and functionally efficient cells.  It’s your insurance policy for healthy and active later years.

Goal Balancing for life fulfillment – Whatever you want to create or achieve in your life, Kinesiology can help you follow through and reach your goals more easily.   Kinesiology balancing brings focus, harnesses your energy, aligns your conscious and subconscious for the task, upgrades your beliefs and expectations and engages your left and right brain creativity.  It keeps you on track.

Cost:  1 hour to 1.5 hours is $110.  I am registered for Health Fund rebates.

Sessions are based on Kinesiology, Touch For Health, Three In One Concepts, Facial Harmony.  Also NLP, Bowen, Nutrition, Dynamic Communications, Stress management, Personal Development.

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