Facial Harmony is a face restorer.  It restores the happy youthful glow to your face, and goes way beyond that.  It induces deep relaxation and visible rejuvenation, increases lymphatic drainage, improves cellular hydration, enhances blood flow to tissues, and stimulates energy flows to all meridians to normalize organ function.

Applying this gentle technique to the meridians and muscles of the face, head and neck, releases stagnant energy patterns and the links to habitual thoughts and behaviours that created them, along with the memories of life stresses stored in the tissues themselves.

This unique approach is a real tonic specifically for your face, but the benefits don’t stop at your face.  Your entire body and nervous system respond to the changes in your face, to the activated flow of meridian energy, and support every function for enhanced efficiency – all while you take a break, switch off and relax.

The benefits of Facial Harmony are multi-layered.  It is a mini holiday, a health enhancement, a rejuvenating pampering, a treatment for your face, an energy uplift, a stress eliminator, and a perfect complement to Kinesiology.

The balancing and calming influence of these sessions go home with you to your family and to your workplace.  Your family always benefits when you are at peace in your inner world.  It allows you to be your loving best for them.

Do them and yourself a favour and book in for this restful and life enhancing experience.

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