Kinesiology takes care of your holistic health naturally.  It is a way to balance and align your physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, biochemical and spiritual self for a happier, healthier you.

The natural way to get well and stay well is to tap into and support your inbuilt body repairing and rebuilding programs.  You are born with these programs genetically pre-set and ready to go – then the programs get derailed or side tracked or blocked by what happens in your life, by what you think, say, eat and do, what you believe, expect, avoid or react to.

So how do you get off track?  Well, your specific life events will mean you have your own unique stresses that derail your energy building and tissue repairing systems. In the end the bottom line is, how do you get your body and energy back to your best functioning level so you can live a happy and fulfilled life.

And that is exactly why I like working with Kinesiology.  Your own muscle response works like a problem detector. It’s a feedback system to track down what is working well in your body and what is struggling, what is a stress to you and what is not, what lifts your energy and what drops it.

I trust your inbuilt body intelligence, your inner knowing to identify what you need and your muscle response to act as the communication readout to indicate the best way to get you on tract to optimum energy and health – because you are designed to self repair and heal automatically, and do just that, when you provide the best internal environment for your healing process.  And that is what Kinesiology does really effectively, helps you get your internal environment right for healing.

Genetically programmed strengths and weaknesses are inherited from your parents.  However, what you do and how you live determine whether your strengths are overwhelmed or your weaknesses triggered.  Today science tells us that genetics are not a life sentence.  They clearly state you can improve on what you start with from your parents.

Kinesiology can support and maintain your strengths and build up your weaknesses so you can be happy, healthy and wise.  I work from a base of two Kinesiology systems, Touch For Health to get the body and brain communicating effectively and Three In One Concepts to sort out stress and behaviour patterns.

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