Touch For Health, a complete Kinesiology health care system, makes use of the muscle response to identify where the body is carrying stress, the correction that can immediately change this to restore function of the muscle and its meridian and also improve energy flow to the related internal organ.

The body’s ability to respond so readily to this form of touch is still astounding and marvelous to me more than twenty seven years after I first learned the basics.  I have seen clients health change, improve, restore, and as a result impact on other aspects of their lives too.

Applying and teaching this work is a joy.
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Client says:

Yes, my back is unbelievably much, much better thanks and I will keep you posted. I  cannot believe how those simple exercises, Touch for Health and others, could made such a difference in such a short time.  Already have not been waking at night, taking 2 – 3 panadol 1/2 hr. before I get up, just to be able to get out of bed and get some sort of start.

I have never been in such pain with my back ever. This is the best I have felt since Middle of October, and believe me it is A GREAT FEELING.

Mary Atkins

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