Workshops in two streams of Kinesiology – I have been teaching Touch For Health for 27 years as well as applying the benefits in clinic.  I have also been teaching Three In One Concepts series as this deals more directly with emotional and behavioural difficulties.  I pass on the insights, awarenesses and benefits to all my clients and students and will continue to do so.  Now days I am also an appointed TFH Instructor Trainer.  Having more people out there teaching parents and lay people how to take care of themselves and their family is a basic education I believe all people need.  It has been my path.

Mini Community Workshops are also available as an introduction to the possibilities and so you can go home with techniques to use immediately.  Absolute beginners get results readily.  Definitely worth taking part and finding out for yourself.  Contact me for topics and dates.

Dynamic Communications has been added to my workshop list as it is an essential to all relationships, at home and at work.  These skills will serve you all your years and you will be able to apply and model them with your family and friends.  These are essential skills.  Contact me for dates and details.

Facial Harmony is relaxing, rejuvenating, revitalizing.  This approach to balancing the body energy system is a perfect complement to Kinesiology, massage, yoga, meditation, aroma therapy, reflexology and other hands on therapies.

It re-programs the pain, stress, and life trauma accumulated and held in the face muscles and tissues.  Shed the years from your appearance as your tissues respond to the gentle touch applied very specifically to acupuncture points, meridian pathways and to muscle layers and other tissues.

Contact me about learning this beautiful approach to  recovery and wellbeing.

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