What is Facial Harmony?

The short answer is Facial Harmony is a sensitive hands on treatment, applied to the face, which gives a multi-dimensional experience of deep rejuvenation.

This is an exquisite, relaxing, replenishing and regenerating experience.  A real treat at any time it is also a balancing of meridian energy in the body while releasing stored stress and tension in face muscles – so you can smile on the inside and on the outside. This beautiful process leaves you lighter in body, heart and soul, looking fresher and feeling years younger.

What Can Facial Harmony Do For Me?

On the surface Facial Harmony is a gentle muscle release and meridian energy activation procedure.  It helps to take years off the way you look and how your feel by promoting deep relaxation and rejuvenation of tissues.  It stimulates the efficient supply of blood, oxygen, water, essential nutrients and energy to the skin and muscles of the face and clears the lymphatic wastes form around cells.

At a deeper level it releases old patterns of behaviour and reactions to stress that etch into the face over years past, paving the way for new, more productive life patterns that serve you better today.

How Do Life Events Impact on Your Face?

Sometimes you may notice you look and feel much older than your chronological years.  How does that happen?  Aging is wear and tear faster than repair.  Life can demand much energy to keep going through thick and thin.  Recovery also takes energy, yet we often don’t stop long enough to allow the needed repair and recovery to take place.  We keep going and continue to expend energy on the outer world commitments and have too little for inner world rejuvenation.  We get tired, exhausted and overwhelmed.  And our face shows it.

Life Wearying Events versus Life Enhancing Events.

Your habitual facial expression is the result of accumulated life experiences and their impact on cell repair and rejuvenation.  We have all had “good” and “bad” experiences.  Good for what and bad according to whom are interesting questions to explore another time.  But in terms of impact on your face, and on your body, the meaning you put on what happens in your life will either increase energy or decrease it, will move you towards being more pessimistic or more optimistic.  This influences the level of energy and the distribution of energy available to rebuild and repair the wear and tear of every cell.

Where you put your attention is where your energy will flow.  The more attention and recall or re-living of energy sapping events, the more we continue to deplete our energy long after the original event.  We lose our belief that similar circumstances in the future will come out any better.  It becomes a habit that keeps us low and robs us of joyful anticipation for our future.  And it shows in our face and in our general health.

Not all of this is consciously recognized.  Much of this “protection from future emotional pain” triggers instinctively, without conscious thought.  We react or

re-en-act our subconscious defence strategy to try to avoid emotional distress.  So the very fear of more emotional pain, especially subconsciously, will lock us into a magnetic pattern that attracts more of what we don’t want.  It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Releasing the facial expression that contains that habit of thought and belief can actually reduce the “emotional charge” held by the muscles and other tissues of the face.  This is a gentle but powerful step towards breaking the cycle.

We all have history with difficult times included.  Muscle testing specific muscles of the face can reveal just how much stress is stored there and where the stress comes from, what age and what situation. This can be very revealing and surprising.  What we find is often linked to early childhood and our point of view at that time.

When we release the emotional impact from the memory then our facial expression becomes softer, relaxed or neutral in relation to that recall.  Oxygen levels in the tissues increase, greater activity is possible, water uptake improves and you are on your way to catching up on tissue repair and rejuvenation.

So What are the Benefits of Facial Harmony?

You look and feel younger.  Your energy increases as it is no longer trapped in maintaining old patterns.  It is now free to be applied to more efficient, healthier function.

What you may notice on the physical level is that your skin tone improves as does its texture.  Dryness is replaced with a moist feel and appearance as the cells draw in more water to hydrate fully.  As a result your skin takes on a dewier appearance.  Your muscles relax first then actually become more responsive.  The tired expression disappears as the muscles activate and support your skin and connective tissue more energetically.

The cellular function improves so you eliminate internal cell waste more efficiently creating a better environment to accept essential nutrients and put those nutrients into action for repair and replacement.  The texture of your skin refines. Your cells have more life in them.

On an emotional and energy level you may notice you feel calm, rested, nurtured, cared for, centered, open, aware, energized. There may be sensations through your limbs and torso that indicate energy moving.  Often there is a feeling of lightness that goes with the openness.  It’s like the weight lifts off you and out of you. You become more alert to the body communicating through sensations.  You feel vital and vibrant.  Your aura expands and you glow from within. You get to enjoy re-discovering you.

People will ask “What have you done?  Have you been on holiday?  You look absolutely glowing.”

How Do You Maintain the Benefits?

A Facial Harmony Energy Balancing session can be applied at any time you feel tired or in need of a lift, are preparing for a important business meeting and want to feel cool, calm and collected, as a top up after the series that releases the memory of trauma from the face tissues.

Facial Harmony is a series of sessions, usually 7 in total.  Each session focuses on one band of muscles of the face and head per session, so the influence of the work can penetrate deeper into the tissues to release old patterns and traumas.  As you have accumulated the stresses over much of your life it takes a progressive approach to release muscles, one band at a time, till all the face muscles are relaxed and responsive and the skin is soft, dewy, and rejuvenated.

You will notice as your tissues recover from trauma your psychi too is recovering.  The gentle application of Facial Harmony leaves a memory in the tissues of that very gentleness and nurturing instead of the old trauma.  This in turn allows you to be gentle with your self as you release and discover what has been embedded for so long in your tissues.  You rediscover your original self.  And you beam it out to the world.

After the series of 7 sessions the improvement can be maintained readily.  Depending on your life style, your sleep patterns, your diet and your stress levels, a top up of once a month to once in three months will keep you looking great and feeling it too.


Facial Harmony sessions are recommended one week apart for best results so each layer is responding and building on the previous layer of release and stimulation.  The results are cumulative.  Continuing to stimulate energy circulation weekly during a complete 30 to 40 day replacement cycle of skin tissue ensures you grow new tissue in the best internal environment so you glow with health and vitality.

This same tissue replacement is happening inside you too.  Each cell type has its own life cycle and replacement program.  For example, blood cells are replaced about every three months so doing what helps new blood cells needs to be maintained through at least one complete replacement cycle.

Supporting health improvement is not a one off occasion.  It does require consistent attention during the regeneration cycle.

And what you think and what you believe has a massive imput on the vibrational environment in which the regeneration is taking place.  More on that another time.

Make your appointment and experience this exquisite, hands on, 7 series rejuvenation.

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