Three In One Concepts Series of Kinesiology includes:

– Tools of the Trade
– Basic One Brain
– Under The Code
– Advanced One Brain
– Louder Than Words
– Structural Neurology
– And More

This is a remarkable series of workshops for self-discovery, managing stress and change, and enhancing performance in your personal and professional life.   If you are wondering what your purpose is in this life, what it is you can contribute, what your strengths are, what stops you from achieving your goals or improving your life and relationships, this series will help you discover your answers so you can en-vision the life to live and live the life you en-vision.

“Three in One Concepts is the integration of Body, Mind and Spirit.

“Choices we make in Present Time are influenced by the traumas and joys we have experienced in the past.  Choices we make today, of course, create our future.  If we can defuse the traumas from the past, and reinforce the joys, we’ll be making choices which create the kind of future we really want to have.

“The aim of Three In One Concepts is to focus, clarify and defuse obstructions to the fulfillment of your essential purpose in this life,”  to quote Three In One creators.

Attending workshops can progressively show how to unblock and open up your path to fulfillment and see how to set your children on their path with confidence.

Tools of the Trade

This workshop is the beginning of learning the tools to deal with present and past …
– stress and self-doubt         – and how to defuse it
– long held issues                  – and how to resolve them
– beliefs and expectations,   – and how to change them
– problem behaviours & habits – and how to upgrade them …

… so that you can release the grip of the past, to make new choices in the present, and create the future you desire.

In Tools of the Trade you learn and apply the specific Kinesiology tools to identify and clear away stress of the past traumas so they no longer limit present-time perception.  Three In One add their own unique tools to the general kinesiology approach.

The benefits are multifold …
– new clarity
– new perspectives
– new insight to creative solutions
– new choices where you feel you have no choice right now.

From the very beginning you can actually measure the type and the degree of your stress and follow the drop in that specific stress as you apply corrections.  And you also lock in the benefits so you can maintain them more readily.  This is a powerful yet gentle process.  You are no longer helpless.  You are empowered to move forward, and create what you want more of in your life.

It is the foundation course for the series.

Basic One Brain

Next bit – Have you ever struggled with learning – at home, at school, at work?  Did you watch in confusion or dismay as others “got it” and you didn’t?  Do you see your kids going through the same stress?  Basic One Brain provides solutions.

If the first time you attempted to learn something new and you were laughed at, or criticized, or punished, or somehow in stress, then all learning in that particular area or topic becomes permanently linked with stress.  There is no way you can do your best then – until you unlink that coupling.  Basic One Brain provides the techniques to do just that.

This workshop makes all types of learning easier.  Overcome dyslexic tendencies and blocked perceptions to release and enhance your natural ability to learn.  It is such a relief to be able to help your children thrive and grow their self-esteem and self-confidence.

This workshop is worth it just for that – and it helps you thrive in the same way too.  New learning becomes a joyful experience.

Do you want that?  Then join the workshop and have fun disentangling what’s in your brain, unraveling problem connections and welding together efficient and productive new pathways.  You can only benefit.

Under The Code

What code?  Genetic inheritance –  It’s not a life sentence, it’s just your starting point, and Science is providing the proof of that acknowledgement today.  You are not a duplicate of your parents.  Yet you may have discovered you do have behaviours that resemble one or other of your parents, some of which you want to stop but find they don’t disappear very easily.

What’s that all about?  Can you pick and choose which behaviours in self to enhance and which to reduce?  Can you eliminate the unwanted?  How do you do that?  What are your in-built strengths?  How can you unleash them and build them further?

Many interesting questions get answered in this workshop.

You inherited your chin, eyes, nose, face shape and all your features from your parents, of course.  The interesting bit is each of these carries a genetic preference in behaviour.  Your inherited structure predisposes you to function in a particular manner.

Unlocking the code of your behaviours and  preferences will give you insight into yourself and also to instantly recognize inbuilt preferences in others too.  Seeing the clues at a glance gives you the advantage of choosing how to communicate to build rapport and synergy between you, easily creating the kind of relationships you want, personal and professional.  That’s a big plus in life.

Doing this workshop is a real eye opener and truly empowers you to create healthy relationships, recognize differing strengths and how to integrate opposites in a productive way.

It’s invaluable for at home and at work.  Don’t miss out, build on what you have learned in the earlier workshops.

Advanced One Brain

Building on Basic One Brain, you add further strategies for unblocking learning difficulties, not just in the classroom but for life in general.  Every day you are faced with situations that are new or varied or different, so learning is life long and not just classroom based.

Learning to be comfortable in all types of situations, to be at ease with all kinds of people no matter what their background or present status, to participate in and enjoy many roles – mastery of learning makes life easier on every level.

Expand your horizons and be the role model for your children, family, colleagues and students.  Surprise yourself and discover learning can again become a fascination and a delight.  I look forward to sharing more with you.

Louder Than Words

Adding to Under The Code this Structure/Function workshop expands your understandings and appreciation of individual genetic makeup, your own and others, and the specific preferences we are each born with.

Learning about the traits of your structures you will discover much more about your true self and how you have denied or suppressed that innate self to be acceptable to others as you were growing up.  The defusion process brings clarity and insight.  The more you understand your individual nature, and the less you are stressed, the more likely you are to achieve what’s best for you.

Three In One’s goal is enhanced performance and quality of life.  Isn’t that what you want?  for yourself and your children and in a professional capacity, for your clients?  Many educators and health professionals use these methods and programs in their professional practice.

This knowledge is too good to ignore.  The benefits express as improvements in all communications and relationships, starting with the one with yourself.  You get  to appreciate the natural gifts you were born with and become more and more comfortable in your own skin – in a very positive way.

It’s a great addition to what you already have learned.

Structural Neurology

Here we learn to deal with issues of the wounded spirit, meridian energy blocks, and fear patterns.  Combining your tools to date and adding more you can now defuse long held compulsive behaviours to enhance your life experience.

It’s all about how to break old patterns of destructive behaviour, your habits that no longer serve or benefit you, so it’s really worth knowing.  Learn the secrets of changing it all around to creating new habits that support your plans and dreams.

A big plus is you get to trust your intuition more and more as you apply your skills in the workshop.

How much improvement do you want?  In what areas of your life?  The tools are there for you to heal your past and to specifically create the pathway to your heart’s desire.

Some people live a whole life and never discover how to create betterment in their own life.  They assume they have no choice.  That assumption is the very block to any possibility for change.  It’s a belief that undermines any attempts to improve their lot and even prevents them from looking or seeing solutions even when they stare them in the face.

It takes great dedication and self respect and self responsibility to deliberately search for how to change for the better.  I encourage you to continue in your quest for developing the best you possible using these very effective and gentle tools from Three In One Concepts.

And More

The series for personal development continues.  Ask me about the more.

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