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– Touch For Health 2
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– Touch For Health 4
– TFH Workbook – Home Study Course
– TFH Proficiency Assessment
– TFH Metaphors Workshop
– TFH Trainers Workshop


We are really amazing beings and knowing how to stay well is much easier when we understand how the body tells us its needs.  Muscle testing or muscle monitoring is a very valuable tool for just that.

So I can highly recommend attending Touch For Health level 1 to get the basic understandings of the easy and simple ways to stimulate and enhance organ function, improve posture, relieve pain and tension and reduce emotional stress, reduce eye-strain and heighten awareness of your body and environment.

One of the many benefits with the Touch For Health knowledge and having tools at your finger tips, literally, is that you can apply natural first aid any place any time.  And even better, you can lift your energy when you have a low day, get your brain firing well again when feeling fuzzy headed and reduce the impact of emotional upsets.  And you can boost your immune system and support digestion too.

To learn more about how your body works and communicates and how to function at optimum levels come along to the Touch For Health Workshop.  It’s designed for every day people to learn, so is not full of jargon.  It’s easy to follow and apply.  And it’s fun.

And if you already have existing skills and training in health care, TFH will provide you with further valuable tools to help your clients.

Student Feedback:
“Anna’s teaching methods are wonderfully warm and supportive, clear, intuitive and easy to follow.  The classroom environment is safe and encouraging.  The thing I most enjoyed about the course was the overall sense of hope and empowerment.

The most practial and relevant things I leaned were about how to build my own energy and health and reduce my emotional and physical pain.  I have been using what I learned on myself and family and friends to ease discomfort and increase “positiveness”.

TFH has been life-changing and wonderfully empowering.”     Cath Kennedy

“I completed the Touch For Health 1 workshop with Anna McRobert today.  I really enjoyed the course and would like to do more.

Anna gave clear instructions how to set up for the 14 muscle balance, the meridians, in fact all the techniques.   And the classroom environment was very comfortable, with a great garden too.

What I liked most was the muscle balancing procedure and will use that at home with my children, my mother, husband and friends.

I highly recommend TFH 1 as a great introduction to muscle testing and balancing with Anna, a fantastic instructor.” Priscilla


Moving on from TFH 1, where you learn corrections to apply as you find imbalances in muscle response, you now learn to identify one key correction to a pattern of imbalances.

The benefit is that it is easy to maintain the balance by activating that one correction on a daily basis till the body catches up with rebuilding or repairing functions and tissues.

In TFH 2 we also go through the process of testing for food sensitivity, identifying which foods lift your energy and which foods drop your energy.  This way you can tailor your diet specifically for recovery from illness, or for increasing your energy production or your specific health goals.

There is so much contradictory information about what is the right way to eat that it really pays to know how to consult your body to identify what works for you right now.

The truth is that your needs change under different circumstances and even at different times of the year.  You can take the confusion out of what food is best for you by working in co-operation with your body intelligence using muscle response testing.  I’ll show you how.

Student Feedback:
“Three words to describe my experience in Anna’s courses:  super-fragelistic-expi-alidocious – fun, integrative, insightful.  Anna is very knowledgeable and puts everything in practical terms – easy to understand, apply and have fun in doing and learning.”     Barbara Jamesson

“Anna has a very relaxed and informal method of teaching which is non confrontational, therefore it is received easily and assimilated at your own pace.

I liked the knowledge I gained and grew into.  I gained confidence in my chosen path.  I found learning and integrating TFH has assisted experiential growth in health as well as confidence in assisting other people in their growth.

For me it was exciting, profound and exponential.”     Glenda

“During the week I tried being “in circuit” after holding my Emotional Stress Release points prior to making a difficult phone call to a parent. The whole conversation went very well as I was more focused and calm and hence was able to speak with her and calm her.”   Ailsa


Building on the one point balancing strategy of TFH 2  you’ll now learn how to also identify and balance the emotion that disturbs your internal function, or throws you off the track for achieving your goals.  You will no longer be at the mercy of your emotions and will have new skills to get back on track easily and readily.

There are additional strategies to reduce or eliminate persistent pain, or old recurring pain, so you don’t have to suffer needlessly.

And do you find that when out walking you come back more tired than when you left rather than feeling refreshed or energized?  Well, there is a solution to that too and it’s easy to apply so you can enjoy walking and even look forward to getting out there regularly.  This lets you enjoy getting fit and healthy.

And there is an effective way to take the stress out of your body from past traumas.  Your body and all your muscles carry a record of all past traumas that can come back to haunt you at times.  Past balancing will reprogram them so you are free to move forward painlessly.

Student Feedback:
“I was working this weekend and sharing quite a bit of what I’ve learnt during the 3 courses so far with the ladies with whom I work. It was pleasantly surprising how much I was able to explain so the ladies could understand.  In fact a couple of them were enthralled.”   Ailsa

“It never ceases to amaze me how our bodies work.  I found all the information you gave us so interesting.
Thanks again.”    Estelle


Here you will be consolidating all you have done so far and adding further techniques and insights.  You will learn to pick up your energy specifically to match any time of day so you don’t have to struggle to stay with it after lunch, or at any other time either.  Your energy lifts readily with this technique as it is in sync with your body energy cycle.

Having learned how to test and balance many muscles by now, you will be able to look at posture in detail and recognize which muscles are overworking and which are not doing their share.  Adjusting team work and co-operation of muscles is the focus and brings lasting improvement to posture, greater ease of movement, better co-ordination, flexibility and range.  You will carry yourself beautifully and move gracefully.

With all the tools you now have you can now put all your acquired corrections into a simple system to prioritize where to start and what to do with each person you balance.  (I‘ll show you that system.)  Their muscle response will guide you to their specific needs and corrections so you don’t have to guess what is best for them.  That way you can truly work respectfully with the body intelligence and help create the internal environment for the body to do its own healing and rejuvenation.

This is such a satisfying and insightful way to work with family and clients.  They gain awareness as you engage in this muscle testing response with them.  You will discover just how fulfilling TFH balancing is as you learn and apply this reliable and effective system of natural health care.

It’s always a pleasure to pass on this remarkable work to others.  The benefits are instant and cumulative.  Following the persons muscle response keeps it safe and simple.  TFH is really user friendly.

Student Feedback:
I studied under Anna McRobert’s guidance… Her instruction, demonstrations and applications of kinesiology used in class have been an invaluable learning experience and ones I shall carry with me throughout and within my kinesiology world.  Her dedication and her past and present contribution to kinesiology are a definite plus for us all.

You will learn life lessons in Anna’s classes!” Annie Mitchell

“The awesome feeling of achievement was because going into TFH was huge for me; mainly the ‘learning’ of new “stuff” & comprehending the muscles (their names were so long!!), where anatomically they were & their association with the meridians & organs.

“TFH is such an important tool for one’s own health & wellbeing (have been extremely fortunate to have had willing participants at home & in particular, one that is hugely supportive in my learning that will balance me when necessary), so it is true, anybody can do this!!”     Vicki White

TFH WORKBOOK– Practical Exercises/Home Study Course

This workbook is set up to record the hands on balances you do for others and answer questions for each level of TFH as you learn, to match the face to face workshops.

This is an excellent way to reinforce what you are learning as you practise between workshops, and is  your recorded evidence of application of techniques.  For any questions or uncertainties as you go you can contact me directly for support – that’s my role in this home study course to ensure you reach a high standard of application of TFH strategies.

The accumulated record of your dedicated effort is very self-affirming.  It is also accredited with Australian Kinesiology Association for a further 60 hours of Category A towards being a Registered Kinesiology Practitioner.  This Workbook of Practical Exercises is the pre-requisite to the TFH Proficiency Assessment so is really part of the assessment process, and acts as your assignments following each stage of learning TFH.

Often fellow students get together on a regular basis and swap sessions and fill in their workbook together.  It really builds your confidence in your ability to apply the TFH health care system.  I thoroughly recommend this to all students.

TFH Proficiency Assessment

The Proficiency Assessment is optional for lay people on a personal learning quest, but if you want to work with kinesiology professionally there are specific guidelines to meet.  When applying for professional status all Kinesiology face to face workshop hours are Proficiency Assessment as part of completing these requirements.

Once assessed TFH 1 to 4 carry credits of 16 hours each for category A, and give a total of 64 hours towards Registered Kinesiology Practitioner with Australian Kinesiology Association.  The Proficiency Assessment itself is a two day process, 16 hours of category B, with the first day devoted to revision of anything out of the 4 levels that you want refreshed.  The second day is the open book assessment consisting of verbal responses, written test and practical hands on balancing.

By this stage you will be very familiar with Touch For Health and the people sharing the journey with you.  My experience has been that students work very well together, and all the hands on practice during workshops creates a strong bond that brings out the best in all.  It is a real pleasure to be part of that for me too.

This sets the scene for a relaxed environment for the assessment.  Being open book it means if your know your manual and where to find the information then the assessment is easy to complete and achieve excellent results.

Using all the tools as you go really helps.  Goal balancing before the assessment makes the process stress free and ensures it will be much easier to do well.

It’s worth completing and enjoying the satisfaction of your completion and  your achievement.

Student Feedback:
“The thought of the proficiency assessment was nerve wracking (my perception — totally) but Anna was great – stepped us thru the process and with her reassurance we were made to feel comfortable.”      Vicki

TFH Metaphors Workshop

TFH creator John Thie and his son Matthew worked together on developing this workshop.  It extends the range of corrections beyond the physical to the personally creative and metaphysical parallels specific to each person for greater depth of insight into re-establishing balance on any issue, problem or goal.

It is a very powerful way to engage the front brain, which is the problem solving brain, and to link up the relevant brain areas of stored experience over a person’s life time in a way that is totally congruent with finding personally insightful solutions.

Traditional Chinese metaphors are also included here yet often the Western mind has its own twist on interpreting life events into personal meaning. That uniqueness within each person can be honoured here in supporting them find their own aha-s!

It’s a great workshop to add to your tool kit of correction possibilities.

The two days give a further 16 hours of Category B and include a brief assessment.

TFH Trainers Workshop

This is a highly recommended workshop conducted over 9 days, 4 days in a row, one day off for veging out integration time, then 4 days in a row to complete.  What it does is hone your ability to express and explain what TFH is about and improves your communication skills in varying situations.  TFH TW allows you to teach one on one, as in personal coaching, or to teach TFH workshops, you to a group.  And it gives you a further 64 hours Category B for registration as a professional kinesiologist.  You can’t help but gain further insights as you go. It’s a given.  You also grow through and lift to another gradient in confidence and ability as you complete this TFH Training Workshop.  It’s a natural byproduct.

You don’t have to teach, that’s up to you.  But you will be able to verbalize your thoughts and ideas and explain Kinesiology concepts easily at any time, be that when you are balancing a friend or client or talking to people in your personal circle or to the general community about what you do.

During the TFH TW each day you will revise balancing procedures by exchanging a balance with another student.  Don’t underestimate this!  A daily balance has amazing cumulative results on your energy level, your focus and your preparation for going out in the field of natural health care.

The first time I did this workshop myself (I did it more than 9 times) my energy just grew and grew each day, till at the end my energy was so high that I tackled previously impossible tasks – I took up public speaking!!! – I was patient with my kids!!! – I became more extraverted!!! – I was telling people about what I was doing!!! I was so energized and excited that I didn’t touch the ground for three months.  Nothing and no-one could put me off, nothing deflated my energy, and I did so much new in that time.

I had no intention of teaching when I started this course, but by the end you couldn’t stop me from passing on this wonderful way to build health and vitality.  That was in February 1982.   Years later I am still in awe of the body, the mind, how they communicate and how amazing we human beings really are.

When your energy is bigger than your fears, the fears become dwarfs and you can power ahead in your life in a whole new way.  Try it – you’ll break through boundaries and limitations and discover a whole new you.  It’s great!

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