Three In One Concepts system has a focus on balancing the mental, emotional and behavioural side of relationships, at home and at work, and fosters deep insight into fulfilling your life purpose.

This Kinesiology approach provides insights and strategies:
– to defuse stress and self doubt
– to upgrade self image
– to change beliefs
– to rewire the brain for new choices
– to  anchor and promote positive attitudes
– to revise and elevate self-talk

It’s all about reducing stress so you can discover and activate more of your hidden strengths to create the life you want to have.

This work is remarkable.  To quote Three In One Concepts from their course Body Circuits, Pain and Understanding, “The REAL skill is using everything you’ve learned to increase a person’s awareness of the options offered not by the human mind, but by the human heart….to release our Essential awareness – the awareness of our own inner authority – and to gain the power that comes from an integrated consciousness of body, mind and spirit.”

Three in One Concepts and the three founders and their material remain an ongoing source of inspiration in my life.  Teaching their work is another joy.

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From a Client:

Dear Anna
I wanted to say thank you again for the very helpful session I had with you…

I found the session extremely helpful in understanding some of my behaviours, conflicts and reactions to various people and things that go on in my work life in London, and feel much clearer and more aware about managing me and them now.

I felt quite calm… noticeably so to others as well, and feel calmer about making decisions for my future…. Have been gaining clarity about what my hearts desire are, and thinking about following those more to find my sense of me, and completeness.

I only wish I was in Brisbane more often or more regularly as I’ve really appreciated your sessions, and would like to work on a few other things still!

Thank you again,
Best wishes,
Madeline Cruice

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