Hello and Welcome.

As you are here then I guess you are checking out what Kinesiology can do for you, your health, and your life. I’m glad you are doing your research.

So what specific wants,needs, frustrations or concerns do you have for your health and wellbeing?

– Is your recovery from injury too slow?
– Are you finding the aches and pains are increasing yet you are doing less physically?
– Have you found yourself stuck and frustrated at the lack of progress in your health goals or work targets?
– Are finding that you get so far and no further?
– Does all you read about diets and food confuse you, especially when experts take opposite views on protein, carbohydrates and fats.  Who’s right?  What’s right for you?
– Is balance of family, work and play impossible to get right?
– Are you feeling run down, weighed down, no energy and no enthusiasm?
– Is your blood sugar balance or weight impossible to regulate?

Do you find you have no idea where to start to make things better in your health and your life or that everything you have tried so far has brought disappointing results?

Let me show you how to identify solutions that are uniquely tailored to you – with Kinesiology muscle response testing.

There are many theories, strategies and ideas about what might work.  Kinesiology sorts through multiple possibilities and identifies what works in your body and its systems so you don’t waste your time and money on trial and error or guess work.  Go straight to what does makes a difference for you.

For more on how that works go to What is Kinesiology on the navigation bar.

Clients say:
My treatment was very good  and after the last session I needed to adjust all the mirrors in my car to drive home as I was taller. Quite amazing! Thank you for your help.
Carol Searle

Anna helped me years ago when I was going through a health crisis. I have come through that serious threat alive and well.  More recently I have again come for a Kinesiology session and Facial Harmony too.  I find I can go through the afternoon without that energy slump and get through all I need to do in the day more easily.  I’m really glad my yoga friend suggested I see Anna to help me get my health and energy back on track.  What she does really works.

Shirl Farquhar

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